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joi, 17 decembrie 2009

Three Short arguments for RADS

1. The poorness of palliative cares: Today romanian newspaper Evenimentul Zilei published a very interesting paper about the situation of palliative care and hospice services in Romania: http://www.evz.ro/articole/detalii-articol/879986/Ghid-de-comunicare-a-vestilor-proaste/
For example just 95% from Romanians suffered by cancer died in pains. This is a stupid situation and must be changed!
2. The crisis of the burial places in urban area in Romania and the alternative of cremation!
3. The improvement of the death studies in Romania!
Our future association will encoure very strong the debates on the the first two topics and on others, too trying to influence the public politics upon death system in Romania! For this aim we need you by our side!

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