"Our soul is just an urn where we close, once and for all, the ashes of our lost passions !"

miercuri, 8 septembrie 2010

Pictures + ELVIS

At Ramet Monastery

Some of the conference's participants (without italian team and other participants from UK, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Romania, too)

Elvis at Dying and Death III conference


Cremation team (Peter C. Jupp, Zdenek Nespor, Hilary Grainger, Mihaela Bodrean, Brian Parsons, Marius Rotar)
Elvis never dies!

Me perfoming Luminita Anghel's Let me try

My daughter at Ramet monastery

Cyrill Nespor (Czech Republic) - the youngest participant at the conference

Conclusions' moment

Here are some pictures taken by me at the third edition of Dying and Death in 18th-21st century Europe, Alba Iulia, Romania, 3-5 of september 2010. I will post other pictures later. Stay here for this!