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miercuri, 21 septembrie 2011

ABDD04 information

1. All the participants at ABDD04 will have their acoomodation ( single and double rooms + breakfest) at Hotel Cetate in Alba Iulia: http://www.hotel.cetate.tourneo.ro/F_New . It's the same hotel as the previous edition of the conference. The location of the hotel is CETATE HOTEL, Alba Iulia, Romania - 3 Unirii Street, phone: +4.0258.815.833 +4.0258.831.501
2. We will organize the trip conference at Bucerdea Vinoasa at a wine cellar, taking a romanian traditional meal. Here it is the link to this wine cellar:
3. I hope on Friday the final programme of ABDD04 by time, chairmen, the conference rooms, the location of meals and dinners to be post here! Also, very soon I will post here information for your aiport transfer to Alba Iulia.