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miercuri, 19 mai 2010

Dying and Death III Conference - some news

I will attend at the Congres International d'etudes sur les Dances Macabre et l'art Macabre en General which will be held at Sibiu, Romania between 20 and 23 of May 2010. I will present a paper about the issues of cremation in Romania of nowadays. For this reason I have to postpone the evalution of the abstract proposals of the third edition of Dying and Death in 18th-21st century Europe, International Conference until the beginning of next week. We have received abstract proposal from 20 countries and this situation makes me to believe this edition of the conference will be the most extended edition on comparasion with the previous ones. Particulary I'm so very glad because the cremation topic of the conference will be covered very well. The most abstract proposals we received from Italy (9) and UK (6).
Also, Peter C. Jupp will attend at our conference but, unfortunately Tony Walter is not able to come because he is very busy. Hilary Grainger and Brian Parsons are also two very important researchers will come to Romania attending at the conference.