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marți, 1 martie 2011

ProMemoria Institute - Republic of Moldova

Our colleagues and friends from Republic of Moldova founded an Institute of Social History. Its name is "ProMemoria".

You can read here a short presentation of this Institute:

The ISH “ProMemoria” aims to study history through the following objectives:

•Promotion and implementation of new methods and fields of studying and teaching history;
•Elaboration, implementation / realisation, evaluation, and monitoring of local / national and international levels projects in order to develop the scientific-didactical potential in the field of historical sciences;
•Organizing of seminars, symposia, conferences, regular meetings with attracting qualified specialists in the key areas of our activity;
•Promoting the editorial activities and training of specialists in the field of historical sciences;
•Propagation of historical knowledge in the republican mass-media and abroad;
•Professional assistance in the field through offering the access to information, advising and training;
•Creating a specialized library, accessible to interested persons.

I hope they will be our partents for organising different scientific events and also for different grants research.

Cheers and Good luck, ProMemoria!