"Our soul is just an urn where we close, once and for all, the ashes of our lost passions !"

joi, 29 iulie 2010

New Deadline for Your Confirmation

I will be gone for a week to Bulgaria at the Black Sea, taking my vacation together with my family *until 6 of August. For this reason I extented the deadline for your confirmation participation at Dying and Death III until 9th of August 2010.

I don't know if I will have internet connection over there during next week. So, if you have any question regarding the conference please contact Adriana Teodorescu, one of the members of organizing team of the conference, at adriana.teodorescu@gmail.com

The picture from above was taken by me last month and this is from Cenusa Crematorium in Bucharest.

luni, 26 iulie 2010

Another picture taken by me published in Adevarul

Today "Adevarul", the most important newspaper from Romania published another picture taken by me on the page dedicated to the readers ( http://www.adevarul.ro/actualitate/Poza_lunii_5_254424584.html ). It's about the picture from the previous post on this blog, taken by me in the Columbarium of Bellu Cemetery in Bucharest.
Also, don't forget to confirm your presence at our conference Death and Death III, 3-5 of September 2010 sending a mail to me (mrotar2000yahoo.com ). Please tell me your flights details to Romania if you come from foreign country to Romania attending at our conference. We need these information for your accommodation and also to pick up you from airport.

luni, 19 iulie 2010


I remind to you that the deadline of your confirmation participation at third edition of Dying and Death in 18th-21st century Europe: Refiguring Death Rites in Europe, International Conference, Alba Iulia Ramet, 3-5 september 2010 is August The First 2010. Also, the deadline for sending us your full paper for conference proceedings is 16th of September 2010.
You can see above a very interesting picture taken by me into the Columbarium of Bellu Cemetery in Bucharest: the workers from there found the "perfect place" for storing their tools and slippers, too - into the niches of this Columbarium!!!! Halellujah !!!