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marți, 24 august 2010

A very important change with the conference

There is a very important change with the conference: due to the fact that the guesthouse where I intended to organize the conference cannot host all the participants, having also big problems with the room for meals, we decided to change the location of the Dying and Death III Conference from Ramet to Alba Iulia. We are about 74 participants, including here the organizing team! So, under these conditions all the participants at the conference will have their accomodation at Hotel Cetate in Alba Iulia. This is the link to see this Hotel: http://www.hotel.cetate.tourneo.ro/F_New/
This is a good hotel. On Thursday the conference programme by time schedule will be sending out on this blog.
Remember: in spite of this change all the costs conference for participants are free!

Thanks for understanding this!