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marți, 15 iunie 2010

Dying and Death in 18th-21st century Europe: Refiguring Death Rites in Europe, International Conference, third edition - Information for participants

1. Instructions for Authors

Romanian Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS) will grant some funds for organizing the third edition of Dying and Death in 18th-21st century Europe: Refiguring Death Rites in Europe, International Conference. Due to this fact we have to edit the conference proceedings latest 30 days after conference. As your presentation will be published in the conference proceedings I ask you to send it to us at marina.sozzi@fastwebnet.it; eric.venbrux@gmail.com; or mrotar2000@yahoo.com . The deadline for it is 16th of September 2010.
Here are the instructions for authors:
Papers are accepted only in English or French
Paper not exceeding 12,000 words
Please supply a short biographical note (50 words maximum) and information about your affiliation, postal address, and an email address.
Abstracts of not more than 200 words are required for all papers submitted.
Each paper should have 5 to 7 keywords
Style guidelines:
a).Page Format: B5, 2.5 cm above, below 2 cm, left 2 cm, right 2 cm, header1.5 cm, footnote 1 cm portrait (except annexes necessary to use type) edges in the mirror, align the left-right, a row spacing, indentation of first lines1.25 cm, without using the Tab key.
b. Recommended fonts: Times New Roman or Garamond (12 p. fortext p. 10 for footnotes and annexes 11 p. for summary).
c. The title should be written in capitals and centred, followed by the nameauthor's (right-aligned).
d. Running titile written in italics and centred 11 p., will contain the nameauthor's (on p. para) and the study title (possibly shortened, the odd page).Page number will be put underground and centred.
e. Summary will be placed at the end of the text and will be accompanied by a number of approx.
f. Annexes will be written in Word program under Windows, does not recognize textsent as image.
3. Illustration
Images must be of high quality jpg format., Bmp., Gif., Tiff. (Not allowed Xerox copies) and accompanied by explanations and sources of origin mentioning (Where applicable).
4. Drafting rules
a. Titles of books, studies, newspaper or magazine, mentioned in the text is written withitalics.
b. To draw up quotations are used bold, not italics,marking the opening of their being made in accordance with the rules of punctuation in English
When the author wants to emphasize a few wordsthe quotation, use italic characters, followed by mention of [national] or [nn].
For citations in classical languages will use italics, without quotation marks.
c. footnotes are permitted only (orders placed by using Insert Reference, footnote), generally prepared in accordance with Academy Romanian, noting that it will use abbreviations for further Citation sources / books / articles, and not 'op. cit..
Examples of full citation:
National Archives Directorate Alba County, Alba Prefecture fund, no.84/1938, f. 22r (v).
Paul Johnson, A History of the Modern World 1920-2000, Bucharest, Humanitas, 2003, p. 84.
Nikolaus Boroffka, 'Observations on the discoveries of prehistoric amberRomania', in Apulum, XXXIX (2002), p. 147.
R.J.W. Evans, "Joseph II Habsburg and Nationality in the Land", in HM Scott ed.,Enlightened absolutism. Reform and Reformers in Later Eighteenth-Century Europe, London,Macmillan, 1990, p. 209-219.
Examples of abbreviations:
DJAAN, prefecture, no. 76/1880, f. 2r (v).
Johnson, A History, p. 56.
Boroffka, Observations, p. 150.
Evans, Joseph II, p. 210.
The conference proceedings will be published as supplement of the journal Annales Universitatis Apulensis, Series Historica (http://istorie.uab.ro/publicatii/colectia_auash/auash_prezentare.html). This journal is indexed in CEEOL (Central and Estern European Online Library) scientific international database (http://www.ceeol.com/aspx/publicationlist.aspx).

2. Other informations:

Also, please confirm your participation at our conference until August the First 2010.
Please inform us about your flights to Romania (time of your arrival and your departure in order to pick up you from Cluj Napoca or Sibiu airports).
The first day of the Conference will take place in Alba Iulia *opening ceremony and the first two sections of the conference. Due to the larger numbers of the presentations we have to organize in the first day of the conference two parallel sections. The next two days of the conference will take place at Ramet.
All the participants will have their accomodation in Ramet during the conference(http://www.pensiunearamet.ro/ ). In the first day of the conference a bus will take the conference participants for going from Ramet to Alba Iulia (in the morning).
If you have any other questions regarding the conference please contact dr. Marius Rotar (mrotar2000@yahoo.com)