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sâmbătă, 19 decembrie 2009

Famous Cremated Romanians (XIX)

Maria Giurgea - one of the most talented actress from the interwar period; due to some problems when she considered herself humiliated Maria Giurgea gave up to play at 48 age.

2000 ?
Ion Herdan - an excellent translator of some very important works for Romanian culture

Isidore Isou (Ioan Isidor Goldstein) - Romanian/French poet and artist, the founder of Lettrism cultural movement. He died in France and his ashes are kept in Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Ana Voindrouh, the younger sister of Romanian singer Nadine. Ana committed suicide at 29 age and she was cremated at Vitan Barzesti crematorium in Bucharest

Mircea Constantiniu - the twin brother of the famous Romanian singer Cornel Constantiniu. Mircea Constantiniu, working for many years like graphics arts artist, suffered by cancer, died in South Africa where he was cremated, too. It's very interesting the fact that Cornel Constantiuniu public declared he felt some burns in his stomach during the cremation of his brother!

Also, there are two very interesting cases of some cremated non-Romanians but connected to Romania:
1. Amita Bhose - Indian writer, teacher and translator: she died in Romania in 1992 being cremated at Cenusa Crematorium in Bucharest but living and teaching for a long time here *she was the best translation in begali language of the most important Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu - his family decided to keep her urn in Bucharest
2. Hajime Hori - Japanese business man, died in 2006, bled to death after a dog bit on a Bucharest street. Hori was cremated in the presence of his son at Vitan-Barzesti Crematorium in Bucharest and his urn transported in his native country. This case produced a big scandal in Romania regarding the situation and the danger of the "vagabond" dogs on the street of Bucharest *see the "famous" debate for the euthanasia of this type of dogs.

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