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joi, 17 decembrie 2009

RADS + Famous Cremated Romanians (XVIII)

1. Yesterday I received by post from the Romanian Minister of Justice the approval for the validity of name for Romanian Association for Death Studies *Asociatia Romana de Studii asupra Mortii. Although there are some steps from the legal point of view for the official opening of RADS the first one of this and the most important steps had made until now. As we decided at the conference any possible member of RADS must pay for her/his registration 50 RON. Until now 10 persons have expressed their wish to become member of RADS. So, I think in January 2010 we will be able to make the first official registrations for RADS. Meanwhile I will post here, in short time, my proposal for RADS rules waiting for your comments and suggestions to improve it.

2. It's very possible that some papers from the Proceedings of Alcoholism: Historical and Social Issues, International Conference, to be re-published into The Social History of Alcohol and Drugs: An Interdisciplinary Journal (SHAD)http://historyofalcoholanddrugs.typepad.com/alcohol_and_drugs_history/description.html . My friend, Dan Malleck proposed to me this and we must select some from the proceedings' papers and also to find an English co-editor for it.

3. Famous Cremated Romanians (XVIII):


Ion Omescu - poet, he died in France, being cremated at Pere Lachaise Crematorium in Paris


Gheorghe Moruju - professor, the modern "father" of fruit growing in Romania
Aurel Acasandrei - painter artist
Ion Capanu - professor at ASE, Bucharest
Paul Matei Mustata - mathematician, associative professor at University of Galati
Gheorghe Gyuri Kazar - art historian
Valentina Tariceanu - doctor
Constantin Cezar Serbu - professor at Polytechnic of Bucharest *Electronics
Mircea Herford - actor
Mircea Socolescu - doctor, Orthopedist
Toma Viorel - pilot
Alexandru Serafim - convicted by Romanian communists by jail and also the ex-mayor of Tr. Severin
Titi Dumitrescu - actor


Florin Teodosiu - professor *landscape painting, his wife was also cremated in 2008
Florina Magureanu - chief editor, Radio Romania


Ionescu Dumitru Ilie - druggist, PhD.
Rodica Sfintescu - writer
Ion Mitran - doctor, journalist
Susana Heitel - art historian, PhD.
Mircea Cojan - actor
Mircea Danciulescu - professor, journalist
Niculae (Nicolae) Noica - doctor, professor, member of Romanian Academy for Medical Sciences
George Ionescu - professor singing lesson at the Romanian Academy for Music, Bucharest and also general of Romanian Army

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