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joi, 7 ianuarie 2010

Famous Cremated Romanians (XXI)

One of the Lazar Ghelman's works

Dora d'Istria (Elena Ghika) - Romanian writer and feminist, painter and alpinist. She died in France and, according to her wish, her ashes was put into the Florence cemetery "Trespiana"

Victor Asquini - architect
Laura Vaian - writer

Rodica Bondi - painter - in 1963 she painted herself poitrait but after this she was blind...
Serban Ignace - arhitect, PhD. associate professor
Alex. Colorian - poet, writer
Mircea Demetrescu, general of Romanian Army, Judge

Mita Alexandru, professor, Romanian Academy for Economical Studies
Lazar Ghelman - painter
Vasile M. Ioachim - professor, Romanian Academy for Economical Studies

Ludmila Farcas - associate professor, Polytechnic of Bucharest

Sorin Aurel Victor Lepa - actor
Emil Grecescu -vice-admiral
Emil Samoila - journalist
Nicolea (Niky) Radulescu - lieutnant general of Romanian Army
Mihai Albu - major General of Romanian Army
Ileana Radulescu - painter
Dumitru Negrea - illustrator
Vasile Rusu Ciobanu - painter, writer

Radu Stoichita - professor of Logic, University of Bucharest
Grigore Stefanescu Griguta - actor
Emil Nicolescu Nic - painter
Ion Maier - professor, Horticulture
George Mirodescu - general of Romanian Army
Eugen Dragulescu - general of Romanian Army, member of the french National Order of Legion of Order
Cornel Teodorini - general of Romanian Army

Constantin Andreoiu - doctor, surgeon

Alexandru Bondoc - editor in chief "Protectia muncii" journal

Nicolae Radulescu Roegen - member of Romanian Academy

Ion Zamfirescu - professor of Theater, Phd.

Haukler Stefan -fencing coach - died and cremated at Budapest

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