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marți, 5 ianuarie 2010

Famous Cremated Romanians (XX) + Per Olof Ekstrom

One of the Paul Neagu's work (1938-2004)
Per Olof Ekstrom's masterpiece (1926-1981)
Famous Cremated Romanians (XX)
Mihai Antonescu
Constantin Vasiliu
Gheorghe Alexianu
All of three men was the closest collaborators of Ion Antonescu, Marshall of Romania and also Prime Minister of Romania during the Second War World. They were executed after a trial on 1 June 1946 and their bodies cremated at Cenusa Crematorium in Bucharest
Constantin Streia - writer
Iosif Drimus - professor, Phd. Chemistry, University of Bucharest
Thedor Munteanu - professor, PhD., Romanian Academy for Economical Studies
Dimitrie (Titel) Antonescu - major general, Romanian Army
Rudner Valter - lecturer, Polytechnic of Bucharest
Nicolae Dionisie Mardan - journalist
Victor Badescu - major general, Romanian Army
Aureliu Visan - major general, Romanian Army
Marin Popescu Urlueri - doctor, professor, PhD.
Mircea Bratucu - doctor professor, PhD.
Ovidiu Dragnea - professor, PhD. , Polytechnic of Bucharest
Maximilian Schulmann - sculptor
Ernest Kahana - doctor
Andrei Ciocoanescu - major general, Romanian Army
Petre Tartia - PhD. in law
Ion Grapini - actor
Paul Neagu - Romanian sculptor, painter, poet, larger-than-life character, journalist. He died at London in 2004 but his ashes was burial at the Timisoara cemetery, according with Paul Neagu's will *many thanks for this information to Iolanda Costide! Please visit http://www.paulneaguhyphen.com/ for reading more about Paul Neagu's works!

2. Per Olof Ekstrom
Per Olof Ekstrom (1926-1981) was a very important swedish writer. His masterpiece is the novel Sommardanser (1949) which became One Summer of Happiness movie (1951), the movie winner of Golden Berlin Bear, Berlin International Film Festival (1952). After a long illness Per Olof Ekstrom died in Romania in 1981, being cremated at Cenusa Crematorium in Bucharest.
The romanian poet Florenta Albu described this moment in his diary, entitled Zidul Martor. Also, Florenta Albu was cremated latter, but all the time when I'm thinking to Florenta Albu I'm so very impressed by one of the title of her book, namely Shade Burnt. This title was like a premonition of her own's cremation!

PS. I'm so glad for my list of Famous Cremated Romanians. I hardly worked on this always having into my mind some famous words of soviet writer Maxim Gorky: "There are only two forms of life: decay and combustion. Cowards one will choose the first one, brave and generous people on the second! "

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