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joi, 10 decembrie 2009

News + Famous Cremated Romanians (XVI)

1. It's very possible a collaboration beetwen RADS and Centre for Thanatology, Faculty of Religious Studies, Radbout University Nijmegen from Netherlands http:/www.ru.nl/ct/english/ for organizing together here in Romania the third edition of Dying and Death in 19th-21st century Europe, International Conference. The director of this Centre is Prof. Eric Venbrux, one of the well known specialists in death area from Europe.
We have two options regarding the conference: in July or September 2010. Anyway, I think we must change the place of this conference, because the previous editions took place already in Alba Iulia.
Stay here for news!

2. I was surprised to see that some people were interested in those two short stories about cremation posted here. So, in my opinion, one the most relevant episode of the cremation in Romania was that of the romanian dramatist Aurel Baranga, died in 1979. In this case, the leading of the Romanian Communist Party caused something to be done for a "right" solemnity of cremation. Mircea Zaciu, member of Romanian Academy mentioned this episode in his diary. I will detail it into my book about history of cremation in 18th-21st century Romania.

3. Here are new names into my list of the famous cremated romanians. For many times I wondered if this list would be a useful one or not. But I realize that the significance of this list is a real one because I confess to you when I started my research on this topic I didn't have any idea about it. Maybe other persons reading this list are on the same position with me.


Elena Peretz - arhitect
Iuliu Dobroiu - ex-ambassador
Valeriu Rodoteanu - arhitect
Vladimir Drimba - professor at University of Bucharest
Alexandru Sofletea - neurologist, professor
Dan Dragulescu - jurist, Romanian Minister of Justice


Petronela Vintila - doctor
Radu C. Bogdan, professor, president of the University of Brasov, ex-ambassador
Ionita Marina - professor at the University of Bucharest
Teodor Mandrea - lawyer - the Supreme Court of Romania
Aristita Florica Negreanu Popescu - professor at the University of Bucharest
Octavian Gavrisi - diplomat
Ecaterina Cremeneanu - broadcasters
Mircea Stefan - professor at University of Bucharest
Ion Berceanu - professor at Polytechnic of Bucharest

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