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vineri, 11 decembrie 2009

Famous Cremated Romanians (XVII)


Viorica Voiculescu - doctor, Vlad Voiculescu's wife *he was member of Romanian Academy and also cremated in 2001, died on the same day with his wife, namely 21 february!
Ioan Henter - actor
Axente Constantin Banciu - chemist, PhD.
Ghizela Vass - she was one of the most important member of Romanian Communist Party, her husband, Ladislau Vass was cremated also. Ghizela Vass is the grandmother of Bogdan Olteanu, ex-vice-president of Romanian Senate and also one of the leaders of actual Liberal Party!
Vito Grasso - profesor, the director of Cultural Italian Centre, Bucharest, he was not Romanian but he was cremated at Vitan Crematorium in Bucharest at 8 april 2005.
George Mihail - engineer, director
Petru Cmit - enginner, director ex- Romanian Industrial Buildings Minister
Ion Galeseanu - architect

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