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luni, 30 noiembrie 2009

Five things for to be telling

1. I'm happy because my old and dear friend Marina Sozzi from Fabretti Foundation, Italy, sent to me today a mail for a stronger collaboration of us. Of course this colaboration is very possible.
2. Next week I will receive finnaly the Proceedings of Dying and Death... Conference and I will send these to all the participants at the conference as a Christmas gift. Into the Proccedings there are about 31 papers having about 400 pages.
3. This week I will send to the Publishing House Accent the Proceedings of Alcoholism.... Conference for editing it. Tudor Rosu worked hardly on these because I was busy with other things.
4. My friend Cosmin Bodrean solved the last things for legal point of view for Amurg. Romanian Cremation Association. 6 members of Amurg until now... but for time being we will start new registrations for everyone is interested in devellopment of cremation in Romania! So, BE PREPARED TO BE PULVERIZED!
4. Tomorow will be the National Day of Romania. Good thoughts for all the romanians and first of foremost for our friends for Republic of Moldova!

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