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vineri, 27 noiembrie 2009

Famous Cremated Romanians (XII)

1. Today romanian newspaper Jurnalul National published a short but very interesting paper about the debates in Romanian Parliament about a new law on cemeteries and crematoria in Romania: http://www.jurnalul.ro/stire-special/cimitirele-srl-nu-vor-fi-sfintite-528595.html
It's very relevant the reaction of Romanian Orthodox Patriarchy's lawyer, on his name, Ionut Corduneanu upon this topic. I'm strongly disagreed with his ideas!

2. Famous Cremated Romanians:

Pandele Silva
Paul Grunau
Ion Holban
Adolf Clarnet
Maximilian Costin
Ion Ionescu Boanca
Maria Polevoi
Virgil Ioanid (Gipo)
Vlad Bilbie
Viorica Albut
Madeilene Fortunescu

My list of the famous cremated romanians have had until now about 400 names but this list is a still incomplete one...

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