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joi, 1 octombrie 2009

It's very hard for me to write about Dying and Death in 18th-21st century Europe, International Conference, second edition. Too many emotions, a lot of good things happened with this event:

1. A high level of the papers' quality and I'm so pleased with this. I'm gratefull for this to all the participants at the conference.

2. We decided to organize Romanian Association for Death Studies and at the beginning of next week I will send to Romanian Minister of Justice the requirement for approval this. I hope we will be about 30-40 members of this association. I proposed to my colleagues to move into an another location the next edition of the conference. My opinion is nobody from them will take the responsability to organize this conference and under these conditions I think we will make it again but not in Alba Iulia. Maybe we will organize it somewhere at the countryside here near Alba Iulia *Albac or Ampoita for instance - there are so very nice questhouses over there and the landscape is very spectacular. Tudor Rosu and Corina Rotar are agree with this idea. I need time for finding out the best solution. Anyway at the end of this year the call for papers for the third edition of the conference will be appearing. Also, it's very possible to move this conference in other period of the year, perhaps in July but I don't know for sure right now.

3. Some reactions in romanian mass-media about conference can be found here:


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