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marți, 6 octombrie 2009

1. I remind to all the participants at Dying and Death in 18th-21rt century Europe, International Conference, second edition and also at Alcoholism: Historical and Social Issues to send me their paper until 14th of October 2009. This is the deadline for receipt the full version of their papers.

2. Thanks to my very good friend Virgil Birladeanu from Republic of Moldova I'm keeping in touch with Dr. Sergey Roganov,Executive director and co-founderInstitute of Aging, dying & death research (Moscow, Russian Federation). Sergey Roganov is the main organizer of a dying and death's conference in this country. This is a call for papers with Sergey Roganov sent to me and I post it on my blogspot:

"National Alliance of Funeral Organizations and crematoriums" (St-Petersburg)
"Institute of aging, dying & death research” (Moscow)
"World burial culture Museum" (Novosibirsk)
Russian Institute of Culturology (Moscow)
Invite for a
III cultural conference
Within the bounds of XVII International Funeral Exhibition выставки
(22- 23 October 2009, Moscow, All-Russia Exhibition Center, pav. № 20)
Conference Program:
22 October 2009, 1-st floor, Conference Hall
1-00 PM
“Modern Outlook and cremation: leading Russian confession and practice of collaboration with churches of Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine”.
23 October 2009, 2-nd floor, Left balcony
10-00 AM
“Modern phenomenon of death: what does it mean to be mortal?”
“Brain death” and death of the body: paradoxes of dualism in modern science and culture;
Mortal being in the modern psychology. Suicide and euthanasia: natural end or tragedy of free will?;
Modern burial practice: what do men and society need?;
Philosophy and Death: cultural myths and reality;
Depopulation in the modern development of Russia and Europe.
Modern biotechnologies and post-industrial immortality:
23 October 2009, 2-nd floor, Left balcony
5-00 PM
«Death in the modern cinema»: films of Nacho Cerdà.
Additionally, participants will take part in the opening of Special Funeral Clothes Show.
Unique funeral clothes and design are the historical reconstruction by professionals of leading Russian Theatres.
Participants from the former USSR states, Baltic regions, Europe will attend this conference.
We additionally invite papers addressing the questions above or any other issue related to philosophical and culturological dimension of death and mortal being are most welcome for publication in additional bi-lingual Conference Edition.
Papers no more than 3000 worlds should be sent to Dr. Sergey Roganov
This call for papers has a deadline for receipt by 1 November 2009
For all questions and inquiries, please contact:
Dr. Sergey Roganov,
Executive director and co-founder
Institute of Aging, dying & death research (Moscow)
+7 - (495) 755-14-51,

Also I hope Sergey Roganov and some specialists in dying and death's area from Russian Federation and perhaps from ex-USSR teritories will attend at the third edition of Dying and Death conference...

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