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joi, 15 aprilie 2010

Registration on-line at our conferences

The registration at our both conferences which we organize this year is avaiable on-line now.
Please visit http://www.uab.ro/sesiuni_2010/die/index.htm for the registration at Dying and Death in 18th--21st century Europe: Refiguring Death Rites in Europe, International Conference, third edition
http://www.uab.ro/sesiuni_2010/alcoholism/index.htm for the registration at Alcoholism: Historical and Social Issues, International Conference, second edtion.
Also, me and Tudor Rosu sent two applications to ANCS, Romania for funding these conferences. Let's hope we get these!
You can find information about both conferences on http://www.uab.ro/conferinte/index.php?cale=conferinte2010 too

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