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luni, 15 februarie 2010


Vitan Barzesti Crematorium in Bucharest
My friend Alexandru Murad Mironov searching for Mihai Popovici's grave in Balaneanu cemetery in Bucharest together with me!
Mihai Popovici's obituary published in Romania Libera newspaper in 1968

1. I was gone for couple of days to Bucharest trying again to see the archive of Cenusa and Vitan Barzesti crematoria in Bucharest. Unfortunately, in spite of the Adela Frecateanu's efforts, one of the lawyers of ACCU, to help me *(many thanks for your kindness, Adela!), I didn't succed to done it. I think the reason they refused me again with it is not to hide some secrets but just the bureaucracy of the employers of ACCU. Anyway they promised will permit me to see all these archives at my next visit at ACCU . I believe that in maximum 3 weeks I will be gone again to Bucharest for it.
Also, I was to Balaneanu cemetery in Bucharest searching for the grave of Mihai Popovici, one of the most important romanian cremationists, together with my friend Alexandru Murad Mironov from University of Bucharest. Unfortunately, we didn't find this grave.
2 I'm working with professor Eric Venbrux from University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands and my friend Zdenek Nespor, from Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic for an application at a common project research with european funds. The topic of this research project is Cremations and Crematoria in 20th-21st century Europe: Between Western and Eastern European Issues of Cremation. My main problem is the fact is very hard to me to find others 5 researchers in Romania interested in cremation issues, exceepting myself!

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  1. I would like to ask you if there is still an association of people who promote cremation, in Romania. Would you have their adress? Yours, Dragan

  2. Amurg. Romanian Cremation Association is the only association for promoting cremation from Romania. Me and Cosmin Bodrean organized this assocition and very soon I will post here all the details for anybody interested to become member of it! The adress of our association is Latureni, nr. 43, Hunedoara, jud. Hunedoara, Romania! Stay with us for cremation!

  3. I don't understand where you lokked for the grave of Mihai Popovici. In the whole cemetery?

  4. Yes, you are right we looked for this grave in the whole Balaneanu cemetery because the administrator of this cemetery was unable to tell us the exact place of Mihai Popovici's grave. Here is a paradox: one of the most important Romanian cremationist wasn't cremated. I don't know for what reason...