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marți, 23 februarie 2010

AMURG. Romanian Cremation Association

Last week I met my friend and partner Cosmin Bodrean. We talked a lot about our plans to develop cremation in Romania. Due to the financial crisis in Romania we believe now it's hard to open a crematorium in Transylvania and we will try to develop a stronger system to take the bodies of the transylvanian romanians who want to be cremated to the Sgezed crematorium in Hungary. This is the first practical step for promoting cremation here. On the other hand, the best ideological tool for sustaining and promoting cremation here is our association AMURG. Romanian Cremation Association. In very short time we can facilitate to you to become member of our association. At the very first sight I think we will have about 30 members at the beginning of our asociation. In my opinion this is a very good begining having on my mind the fact that in 1923 when Cenusa. Romanian Cremation Society was founded this had just 14 members!
So, if you are interested to promote and sustain cremation in Romania come with us into the fire, becoming member of AMURG. Romanian Cremation Association!

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  1. Salut Marius,
    Sunt Dan, unicul tau prieten vietnamez. Am facut un filmulet la un crematoriu langa Saigon. Eu nu ma pot conecta la Facebook si nici Yahoo Messenger nu i-l am instalat.... nici e-mailul nu ti-l mai stiu. Trimite-mi un e-mail pe ddn_ro@yahoo.com si iti voi trimite filmuletul.