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vineri, 15 ianuarie 2010

Proceedings + Famous Cremated Romanians (XXV)

1. Proceedings of Dying and Death... International Conference, 2009
Yesterday I took from the Accent Publishing House the copies of the Dyind and Death Conference's Proceedings 2009 and next week I will send these to the participants and contributors of it.
2. Famous Cremated Romanians (XXV)
Dimitrie Evolceanu - professor, PhD., literary critic
Titus Ionescu - lawyer, prefect of the Baia county
Emil F. Emilian - founder of Gazeta Sporturilor newpaper, journalist - he died in Czechoslovakia, but he was cremated at Cenusa Crematorium in Bucharest
Constantin Gh. Ratescu - President of the High of Justice and Cassation of Romania
Barbu Dimitrescu - professor PhD. at the University of Bucharest
Gheorghe Scodihor - engineer, author of full of water development plans in Romania between 1951-1955
Leonte Parvulescu - lieutenant general of Romanian Army
I. Weinberg - PhD., musicologist
George Ionescu Baldovin - judge
Petre Dudcovschi - principal editor of Tineretului Publishing House
Jean Vornic - journalist
Ion Fatulescu - commander aviator

In 1938 following a plane crash occurred Lieutenant Colonel Waka Masakatsu, the military attache of the Embassy of Romania Japanese died. He was cremated at the Cenusa crematorium and urn ashes sent to Japan. You can see above a picture of his cremation ceremony occured at Cenusa Crematorium in Bucharest.

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