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vineri, 4 decembrie 2009

RADS + Famous Cremated Romanians (XIV)

1. Finnaly today I send to the Romanian Minister of Justice the requirement for the official name of Romanian Association for Death Studies (RADS). So, if you want to be one of the founders of RADS, please send me as soon as possible a mail containing your personal information (number of your BI or CI, CNP, home adress) at mrotar2000@yahoo.com
I hope we will be about 20 founders of RADS at least.

2. Famous Cremated Romanians:

Cristian Fridlovski
Ionel George Matasa
Gheorghe Filip Caranfil (Pache)
Jean Livescu
Mircea Cardas
Ileana Balota
Mihail Renert
Mihai Stancescu
Constantin Crisan
Stefan S. Dimitriu
Iulian (Mircea) Ionescu
Strajescu Constantin
Petru Burlacu
Constantin Freud

All these persons were cremated in 1996 at Cenusa and Vitan Crematoria in Bucharest, the most important of them being Jean Livescu, member of Romanian Academy.

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