"Our soul is just an urn where we close, once and for all, the ashes of our lost passions !"

joi, 24 decembrie 2009

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

I wish Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all members of our team, the participants of our conferences, the collaborators, the contributors of the conferences' proceedings and, also to our friends from Italy, UK, The Netherlands, USA, Canada, Poland, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Serbia, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Hungary, Republic of Moldova and of course Romania. For us 2009 was a good year and we hope to go on and to improve our actions in 2010!
Like a card for celebration of all of these we can see here a picture of Cenusa Crematorium in Bucharest in 1930. In spite of the fact the building of this crematorium wasn't finished Romanian cremationists of those times performed cremation inside of. This is for me and I hope for all of you a stronger impulse to work for improving all I started through this project. Thank you very much! Sarbatori fericite!

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