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miercuri, 11 noiembrie 2009

Today romanian newspaper "Jurnalul National" published a paper about "Trandafirul Operation" during the romanian anticommunist-revolution in December 1989, when, at Cenuşa Crematoria in Bucharest, 43 dead bodies of the some people from Timişoara, killed during the riots in this town, were burnt at the Elena Ceausescu's orders. Here is the link: http://www.jurnalul.ro/stire-decembrie-89/operatiunea-trandafirul-disparitia-mortilor-timisoarei-526889.html
This is a good paper but many informations had to insert in it for a better understanding of this.
I wrote a paper about it which were accepted for publication in Mortality journal: The Mask of the Red Death: The Evil Politics of Cremation in December 1989 in Romania.

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