"Our soul is just an urn where we close, once and for all, the ashes of our lost passions !"

vineri, 9 octombrie 2009

Until now I have received the full papers for The Proceedings of Dying and Death in 18th-21st century Europe, International Conference, second edition, Alba Iulia, Romania, 25-27 of September 2009 from:

1. Hanna Rumble
2. Ann Malamah Thomas
3. Emilie Jaworski
4. Anna Kubiak
5. Sarah Mezaguer
6. Florina Codorean
7. Constantin Mihai

I ask again to all the participants at this conference to send to me until 14 of October 2009 their full paper presented at the conference. This is the deadline for receipt these because I must edit, urgently, these proceedings for an office report to Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS) * they gave me some funds for organizing the conference.

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