"Our soul is just an urn where we close, once and for all, the ashes of our lost passions !"

vineri, 16 octombrie 2009


The proceedings of Dying and Death in 18th-21st century Europe, Intenational conference, second edition is almost done. Corina Rotar, the technical editor of these proceedings is hardly working on it. I think these proceedings will have about 29 papers.
Next week we will start to work on the proceedings of Alcoholism: Historical and Social Issues, International conference.
Unfortunately I didn't have time to work on Romanian Association for Death Studies but I will do it next week. I hope at the middle of November 2009 we can begin to make the first registrations at our association.
Also, I think at the beginning of November 2009 me and Cosmin Bodrean will organize at Hunedoara a press news for presenting AMURG. Romanian Cremation Association.
Although we are very busy working on different projects and ideas we *Corina Rotar, Tudor Rosu and myself will organize in the first half of November 2009 the championship of badminton at "1 Decembrie 1918" University of Alba Iulia. We are hardly waiting for this event and also to beat students! I hope I will be the winner of this event because the main challenger from my University, namely my friend Paul Nanu, is gone working right now at the University of Turku, Finland!

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