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joi, 3 septembrie 2009


1. Unfortunately, Denis Cettour (France) cannot attend at the Dying and Death conference due his own personal problems.

2. Here there are two new participants at this conference and their papers' titles:

Mihai Burlacu (Romania), Cemeteries' destiny in the istro-romanian villages - An anthropological viewpoint

Lajos Hodi (Hungary), Szeged crematorium - past, present and future

Mr. Hodi is the former director of this hungarian crematorium.

3. I changed the topic of my paper for Dying and Death conference:

Marius Rotar, Cosmin Bodrean (Romania), Point of no Return: Proposal for a Romanian Cremation Association (Amurg)

4. My collegues from The Systemic Arhchaeology Institute (IAS - director PhD. Mihai Gligor), "1 Decembrie 1918" University of Alba Iulia in collaboration with National Museum of Unification will organize an exhibition entitled "Beliefs and Funerary Rites in Apulum: Homes for World Beyond". Although it's about an independent event from Dying and Death Conference the varnishing day of this exhibition will take place on 25th of september 2009 after opening ceremony of the Conference because, in the issue, it's about the same topic: death and imaginary of death! Apulum is one of the ancient names of Alba Iulia town.

4. Today I sent to the Romanian Minister of Justice the requirement for the approval of the Amurg. Romanian Cremation Association. So, we are in the bee line with our planns for development of cremation in Romania. For time being it's for real: Be prepared to be pulverized!

5. It will be two romanians attending at DDD9 conference in Durham, UK next week: Adela Toplean from Bucharest and myself! I hope we will make a good team over there!

6. A very good reflection of Alcoholism: Historical and Social Issues International Conference can be found on http://www.realitateaalba.ro/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7291:ALCOLISM-ISTORIC-Istorici--sociologi--psihologi--medici-şi-preoţi-din-10-ţări-participă-la-Alba-Iulia-la-un-simpozion-internaţional-care-are-ca-temă-alcoolismul--_2009-08-28-19-15-35&catid=12:social&Itemid=13
(Hasso Spode, Frantz Floyd, Iulian Negru, myself and Victor Tudor Rosu speaking about Alcoholism: Historical and Social Issues International Conference).

Many thanks Ink Usitor for this information!

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