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luni, 14 septembrie 2009

at home ... again

1. I came back from Durham to Alba Iulia. I missed my family and Romania, too but attending at DDD9 conference it was a great experience for me. I presented my paper and I had 5 or 6 questions. I hope I gave good answers at these. Generally speaking participants attending at DDD9 were interested in my topic and in Dying and Death in 18th-21st... International Conference. Many of them expressed their wishes to come to Romania for next year edition of the conference. Also, I proposed to the leading of ASDS to organize DDD10 in Romania in 2011.

2. I visited Durham crematorium and thanks to Julie Rugg I had seen the furnaces chamber. For the first time in my life I saw a burning dead body. I confess I was afraid by this moment but I got through this final test of mine and now I'm sure 200% I'm a cremationist.

3. Some changed title for Dying and Death... Conference:

Hanna J. Rumble (UK), 'Woodland Burial: a contemporary burial innovation in Britain'

Silvia Marin (Romania), Accompagner Saint Christophe, le protecteur contre «la male mort». Des thèmes eschatologiques dans l'iconographie occidentale et roumaine

4. On the occasion of Dying and Death.... Conference I think it's the proper time for organizing a Romanian Association for Death Studies (RADS). I propose this to all the romanian participants at the conference.

5. Today I received from Romanian Minister of Justice the approval of Amurg. Romanian Cremation Association. This is a great news for all the adepts of cremation in Romania and a historical time for development of this practice of the disposal of the body in Romania! Warning: this is not a joke - BE PREPARED TO BE PULVERIZED!

6. A "profile" of Victor Tudor Rosu, one of the co-organizers of Dying and Death... Conference can be found on http://www.adevarul.ro/articole/alba-iulia-tudor-rosu-este-un-istoric-pentru-care-pasiunea-si-studiul-merg-mana-in-mana.html
Tudor Rosu is one of my best friends and the hugest Elvis Presley's fan between the romanian historians! Congratulations!

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