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miercuri, 12 august 2009

The First Draft of the "Dying and Death in 18th-21srt centuries Europe" International Conference, second edition Programme

Olga Gradinaru (Romania), The Russian Path from Corpse to Relic – A History of the Russian Orthodox Relic Cult

Mircea Cristea (Romania), Le Poison et la mort dans l'alchime medieval europeean

Silvia Marin (Romania), Accompagner Saint Christophe, le protecteur contre la "male mort". Des thèmes escathologiques dans l'iconographie roumaine (XVIIIe–XIXe siècles).

Natasha Mihailovic (UK), Living with the Dead: Burial Places in English Towns c.1700-1840

Mirjam Klaassens and Peter Groote (The Netherlands), Dutch architecture of crematoria: their sense of place

Mihaela Grancea, (Romania). Une courte histoire de l’historiographie de l’épitaphe

Julie Rugg (UK), Towards a new social history of rural churchyards

Ann Malamah-Thomas (UK), Adapting to Loss: Do Nations Grieve?

Constantin Mihai (Romania), Martyrical death in the Romanian communist reclusion

Enrico Cazzaniga (Italy), Bereavement and privatization of the ashes

Helen Frisby (UK), ‘These horrid superstitions’: death and dying amongst the English ‘folk’, c.1840-c.1914

Laura Pop (Romania), Traditional in after funeral commemorations of the death in the XX century in some rural communities from central area of Transylvania (Romania)

Carmen Alexandrache (Romania), The Constructive Dimension of Death in the Romanian Viewpoint

Andrada Fatu (Romania), Opiates and Representations of Death

Joanna Wojtkowiak & Janneke Peelen(The Netherlands), Preserving social existence of the dead: the importance of ritual

Denis Cettour (France), L’attente de la mort face aux nouveaux enjeux de la demande de mort, (suicide assisté, euthanasia)

Marius Rotar (Romania), Debates on Restoration of Death Penalty after 1989 in Romania

Aleksandra Pavicevic (Serbia), Welcoming Dead. Bringing and caring through famous deceased. Case of Serbia

Nicu Mihai (Romania), Mourir pour sa patrie: la « culture révolutionnaire » de la mort en Europe de l’Est au milieu du XIXe siècle

Peter C. Jupp (UK), Ethics of Cremation

Tony Walter (UK), Why different countries do death differently: a comparison of modern urban societies

Sarah Mezaguer (France), Les représentations dramatisées de la mort

Corneliu Simut (Romania), Understanding Death in the 21st Century: Vito Mancuso and His Re-Assessment of the Christian Teaching on Death from the Perspective of Man's Historical Experience

Emile Jaworski (France – Polland), Cremation and post-modernity: the case of Polish society

Adriana Teodorescu (Romania), Les masques. Aspects de l'imaginaire actuel de la mort

Anna Kubiak (Poland), The social memoralization of death on the Web

Cristina Bogdan(Romania), title waited

M. Comsa (Romania), Meurtre et suicide dans les récits de l’écrivain québécois Hubert Aquin

Codrina Sandru (Romania), Needs and Expectations of the Patients in a Romanian Hospice. A Case Study at "CASA SPERANTEI" Brasov

Victor Tudor Rosu (Romania), Death Mirrors of La Grande Guerre in Interwar French Films

D. Vanca (Romania), Liturgy of funerals in The Orthodox Church at the end of 17th and beginning of 18th century, reflected into the first Romanian printed books

Aleksandra Vuletic (Serbia), The Practice of Killing Illegitimate Babies in 19th century Serbia

Ana Maria Roman Negoi(Romania), title waited

Raluca Zanca(Romania), The social and psychological impact of cancer on patient and his social network


This is the first draft of the Conference Programme. It is possible that some changes may occur if speakers are unable to attend. A final programme will be available at the Conference. This is provided now to allow you to plan ahead a little.

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