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joi, 30 iulie 2009

The First Draft of the "Alcoholism:Historical and Social Issues" Conference Programme

1. History of alcohol’s consumption and addiction

Hasso Spode (Germany), Different drinking cultures and prevention patterns in Europe
Radu Ota (Romania), A few Accounts on the Attestation of the Cult of Liber Pater - Dionysus in Apulum (Alba Iulia)

Octavian Tatar (Romania), “The Romanian People Are Inclined to Get Drunk”. Truncated Images: The Romanians and Alcohol in Several Foreign Accounts of the 16th Century

Aleh Dziarnovich (Belarus), Transformation of Tastes: Alcoholic Drinks in Belarus in the 16th – First Half 19th Century

Adriana Ţuţuianu, Elena Cucui, Adina Goşa (Romania), Traditional Viticulture in Alba County.
Judy Stove (Australia), ‘The Evils of Ardent Spirits’: Quakers and Temperance in Nineteenth-Century Australia”

James Wood (Scotland), Historical and Sociological Aspects of European Alcohol Research, c.1850-1920

John O’Brien (Ireland), The Irish and Intoxication
Valdimir Jovanovic (Serbia), Alcohol – friend or foe of Balkan state/society structure?

Oana Tamas (Romania), Alcoholism, a social phenomenon in the romanian territories in the second half of the XIXth century

Aleksandra Vuletic (Serbia), Use and abuse of “alcoholism” in marital litigations (in the second half of the 19th century Serbia)

Monica Muresan (Romania), Alcoholism as Grounds for Divorce at Greek-Catholics in Transylvania in the Second Half of the 19th and the Beginning of the 20th Century

Tudor Rosu (Romania), Temperance & Abstinence in Transylvania at the beginning of the XXth Century. The Case of Blaj Theological Association.

Adrian Zandberg (Poland), “Drugs of the working classes”. Economic depression, alcohol taxation and the change in the consumption patterns of psychoactive substances in Poland (1929-1939)

Iulia Adina Pop (Romania), Alcoholism in Women’s Everydays in Romania (1850-1940)
Petar Atanacković (Serbia), Between support, lack of interest and mockery. Public perception of alcoholism and anti-alcoholism in Serbia in the first half of 20th century

Dan Malleck (Canada), It’s all about balance. Liquor control and post-prohibition drinking in Ontario, 1934-1944

Marius Rotar (Romania), Anti-alcoholism journals in interwar Romania

2. Social and medical issues of alcohol addiction

Ludmila Cojocari (Moldavia), „100 grams for Victory” or the dilemmas of collective memory in Republic of Moldavia

Virgiliu Barladeanu (Moldavia), The result of anti-alcoholism action in Soviet Moldavia beetwen 1995-1997

Binu Sundas (India), The Socio-Cultural Relevance of Alcohol Among the Nepali People of Darjeeling, India

Naina Khatoon (India), Alcoholism and its Impact on Society
Ioana Todor (Romania), Psychological models of alcohol addiction

P. D. Akrivos (Greece), Individual Psychology and Substance Dependence Prevention
Wilfried K. Koehler (Germany), Sociocultural aspects in the treatment of alcohol addicts

Anca Rozorea, Ionescu Catalin (Romania), Domestic Factors with high risk in the emergence of alcoholism at adolescents

I.Marincu, L.Negrutiu, I.Iacobiciu, A.M.Neghina, M.Cornianu, R.Neghina (Romania), Bacterial infections in chronic alcoholic patients
P. D. Akrivos & Simonie Xanthoghiorgou (Greece), The Disease Model of Alcoholism, Simonie Xanthoghiorgou a case study
I.Marincu, L.Negrutiu, I.Iacobiciu, A.M.Neghina, M.Cornianu, R.Neghina (Romania), Prevalence of hepatitis C virus infection in chronic alcoholic patients

Frantz Floyd (SUA), Compatibility of the Minnesota Model for the Treatment of Addictions and the Romanian Culture

Vlad Milea (Romania), Attitudes towards alcohol’s consumption: consequences

Ana Maria Popovici (Romania), Social Issues of Alcohol Addiction

Claudiu Stefani (Romania), Social Patterns of alcohol’s consumption in Alba County

Adriana Candea (Romania), The Effectiveness of the Picture Exchange Communication System with Nonspeaking Adults

Iulian Negru (Romania), Spirituality of Alcohol Addiction


This is the first draft of the Conference Programme. It is possible that some changes may occur if speakers are unable to attend. A final programme will be available at the Conference. This is provided now to allow you to plan ahead a little.

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  1. Living sober after alcoholism treatments and drug rehabilitation can be daunting, but it is necessary to live a healthy life again.